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Tips to Transfer Your iTunes Movies to Amazon Kindle Fire

amazon kindle fire

Introducing Amazon Kindle Fire

How many of you bought Kindle Fire recently? How do you like it?

Yes, the Amazon Kindle Fire is absolutely a huge success since it’s released. With only $199, the Kindle Fire has many features and benefits that make it an outstanding value for consumers. 7-inch small screen is light enough to hold it one hand. 8 hours long battery life suits for your mobile lifestyle. Apps, games, movies and music and much more make your digital life more colorful. It’s no wonder that the Kindle Fire has been remaining Amazon’s best selling product so far.

kindle fire

Q: How do I transfer my iTunes movies into Kindle Fire?

“Recently I’m thinking about buying a Kindle Fire. But the problem is that I need to figure out if the movies I have on my iTunes now will be able to go to the Kindle. Because I’ve got lots of them. Absolutely I don’t want to buy them again if I want to watch them on Kindle Fire. Is there a possible way to put iTunes movies onto Kindle Fire?”

A: Why not try Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum for Mac?

“As a professional DRM removal tool for Mac OS, Tune4mac iTunes Video Converter Platinum (also called M4V Converter Plus), is able to help you to unlock the DRM protection from iTunes movies and then convert the movies to Kindle Fire compatible MPEG-4 format. Thus you are able to import the converted movies into your Kindle Fire easily.”

Step-by-Step: Convert iTunes Movies to Kindle Fire MP4

Tools Required:

Tune4mac M4V Converter Plus (Free Version)

iTunes 10.5 or lower

Movies downloaded from iTunes

MacBook or iMac with 10.7 or lower

Note: There may be some problems when you run Tune4mac on Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Interface of Tune4mac M4V Converter Plus

m4v converter plus interface

Step 1. Launch Tune4mac. Add iTunes movies by clicking “Add” button or simply by dragging&dropping the movies into the interface of Tune4mac.

Step 2. Select output “Profile” as “Common Used Video Formats”>”Customized MP4 Format”. You can choose other settings as you like.

Step 3. Start converting iTunes movies by clicking “Convert” button.

What People Say About Kindle Fire

"The Fire is a marvelous device." – Chicago Sun Times

"At $199 the Amazon Kindle Fire is less than half the price of the Apple iPad, which starts at $499. It is the first tablet from a major company to seriously undercut the iPad in price." - New York Times

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