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TOP 5 New Features of iOS 6 Apple WWDC 2012

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TOP 5 New Features of iOS 6 Apple WWDC 2012

Apple's WWDC kicked off on June 11 with the unveiling of iOS 6 for the iPhone and iPad. Compared with iOS 5, iOS 6 owned totally over 200 new features, it means that applications which researched by many Application Developers will be replaced by Apple's iOS 6 itself. That also means, the third party application will be faced with desperate danger. Going back to the topic, Apple mainly shows 10 important features. List top 5 Function as follows.

Phones Function of iOS 6

phone function of apple ios 6

This time, iOS 6 add a new phone function name "Do Not Disturb" Mode. If you are very busy, you can use this mode, then phones will not shake and screen will not flash, but you can decide which call can come in according to your address list. You can also close all things which may disturb you such as new remind, insignia.

Map Function of iOS 6

Apple published itself mapping tool for iOS 6 devices marked it will separate with Google. This map system is built by itself, provides a turn-by-turn audio navigation, include a flyover/3D mode which offers incredible details, you can tilt, zoom, spin in this mode. With Siri for commands, even if the road condition changed, navigation will set a different path to proceed.

Facebook Function of iOS 6

Apple has finally included Facebook integration in iOS 6, supports one-key login Facebook, share image, link, location, content of game center to Facebook. If you still can't take your hand blank since busy, you can let Siri help you. Besides, Apple also open the Facebook and iOS 6 Platform, supports Facebook Events and Birthday Information to calendar application, with iOS 6, it also can easily import Facebook Friends to your address list.

Siri Function of iOS 6

Siri function of apple ios 6The biggest update of Siri is that you can open application through it. The update of Siri contains supportting visiting the information of PE, restaurant, film, Telp comments, mark, price and so on. iOS 6 also add Eyes Free for Siri. If you install a Siri button in car, the car will launch the iPhone Siri function directly when they are driving. At last, new iPad will also add Siri function, you can proceed other tasks when you talking about Siri.

Passbook Function of iOS 6

iOS 6 add PassBook help users manage all electric ticket include boarding check, membership card, movie tickets, airline tickets, sporting event tickets and makes them all available digitally in one application.

Apple brings a surprise to us with over 200 new functions, it never made us disappointed at every updates. In the beginning of the article, it said application of many application developers will be replace by Apple itself, however, programs which using on its new mountain lion absolutely can't be replaced, at least Tune4Mac iTunes to iPad 3 Converter can't be replaced since it is a Mac iTunes video converter which can convert easily convert iTunes purchased and rental movie to most devices contains non-apple devices. So it is absolutely worth to own no matter how strong the Apple's iOS is.

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