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Get DRM Protection off from iTunes TV Series

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Get DRM Protection off from iTunes TV Series

iTunes TV Series Gossip Girl Converter

In 2012, we bid farewell to a lot of dramas, “Gossip Girl” is one of them. 6 years, 121 episodes, even on the CW television network's history, it's a decent record. “Gossip Girl” has broken many shackles of youth episodes. Social network has became the most important part of its story line, the main actors are getting popular, fashion circles also being affected. Aothough its story line is getting nonsense, it completed much impossibilities, and have given us six years' pleasure. When it comes to an end, we might have missed the complex relationships.

In iTunes, its rank rises when the end coming. Can we rip TV episodes and series down, and play them on our non-Apple devices? Here is an article of how to make it possible.


Things We'll Need:

After we rent or purchased TV episode or series from iTunes, go download the iTunes TV Series Converter, which is a professional Mac M4V video converter tool, could easily remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V purchases and rentals, and convert TV series into MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, MPEG formats, PSP, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices.


Tips for Installation:

For Mac Mountain Lion users, you may get the aforementioned error dialog. To install the application on Mac OS 10.8, first go to System Preferences -> Security & Privacy, click the lock icon in the lower-left corner and enter your administration name and password. Under “Allow applications downloaded from”, select “Anywhere”, like the screenshot show below. Then launch and run Tune4mac again.

image of how to install iTunes TV Series on Mac Mountain Lion



Step-by-Step Tutorial:

Add iTunes TV Series to Tune4mac

Add iTunes TV Episodes to Converter

After the program being launched, iTunes will be opened too. Then click the “Add” button to manage to import TV series from iTunes library.

Choose a Format for “Gossip Girl”

Choose a Format for your TV Series

The program will generally convert videos to .mp4 format. But users could choose your specification to convert to. Click “Profile” to get the drop-down list of predefined settings.

Choose a Format for “Gossip Girl”

Edit Video Parameters

Even we have chosen the format for our devices, we always want better video image. To achieve that, we can set Video Codec, Video Bitrate from the right side “Profile Setting”.

What if we just want specific scene of the episode, such as scene with Blair and Chuck in it, we could also trim the video. Changing the "Start" and "End" time above Profile Setting to have videos being clipped.

Start Conversion

Remove DRM and convert to Devices

This process could be finished in one simple click. Go the upper part of the program, click “Convert” button, after conversion being completely finished, the DRM should be removed and videos be converted.

Then you can sync videos to devices freely.


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