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Three Solutions to Play and Watch iTunes Movies on TV

watch iTunes movies on tv

You may meet or have met this problem:

Purchased or rented a movie from iTunes store but found it's not good enough to watch it on your Mac, because of the small screen. For better video watching experience, you just want to watch that iTunes movie on your home TV with families and friends.

Now here comes the problem: How to do this? How to watch iTunes movies on TV? Yes, this article will introduce you three simple ways to view iTunes movies on your television.

Solution 1. Burn iTunes movies to DVD for watching iTunes movies on TV.

burn itunes movies to dvd

The most poplar way to watch movies on TV is burning the movies to DVD. So it is for iTunes movies. But the most important thing you will notice is that iTunes movies are usually in protected M4V format. That's to say, DRM protected M4V movies cannot be directly burned to DVD without removing the DRM protection. Which means, you need to remove the DRM from iTunes movies first and then burn the DRM-free movies to DVD.

In this way, you can use a professional DRM removal tool to help you remove the DRM from iTunes movies in order to burn them to DVD. The one will recommended to you is called Tune4mac iTunes Movies to TV Converter.

For the tutorial of removing DRM from iTunes movies, you can visit: How to Burn iTunes Movies to DVD on Mac

After the conversion, you can use your own DVD burner to directly burn the converted movies to DVD disc so as to watch the iTunes movies on TV. Or you can use Any Video Converter Ultimate's DVD Creator to burn the movies to DVD for watching it on TV.

Solution 2. Sync iTunes to Apple TV for watching iTunes movies on TV.

sync itunes movies to TV with Apple TV

If you have an Apple TV, things will be easier. You can use Apple TV to connect your iTunes library to your television. That is to say, you just need to sync the movie files from your iTunes library to Apple TV box and you can view the iTunes movies on your TV. But if you don't have Apple TV yet, you can turn to the other two ways in order to watch iTunes movies on TV.

Solution 3. Connect your computer and TV for watching iTunes movies on TV.

connect itunes to TV with HDMI

Another way to watch iTunes movies on TV is to connect your computer with television. You can connect your computer and TV so that when you play iTunes movies on your computer with iTunes, the pictures will display on the TV screen. You can connect your computer and TV with a VGA cable, an HDMI cable or a proper cable adapter (If possible, the latter two are recommended).


Solution 3 is the most direct way to watch iTunes movies on TV. But solution 1 is the most popular way. And yes, solution 2 will be the best if you already have an Apple TV.

By choosing the second way, it means you should open iTunes and connect your computer to your TV every time you want to watch iTunes movies on TV. So if you don't have an Apple TV and want to make things easy, you are recommend to choose the first way. Because the only thing you need to do is to open your DVD player once you want to watch iTunes movies on TV. What's more, if the movies are rented from iTunes, you can simply keep it to your DVD disc in case it will expire.

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