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How to Convert iTunes DRM Movies to Top 5 Smartphones

convert itunes drm movies to top smartphones

Movies you purchased or rented from Apple iTunes Store are all in protected M4V format, which are limited to play on Apple's devices only, such as Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV, etc. But if you got non-Apple smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy S3, Lumia 920, Motorola Razr and you just want to watch your iTunes DRM movie collection on those smartphones, what to do then? Here we are going to show you a simple way to transfer your iTunes DRM M4V movies to the top 5 smartphones for watching. Firstly, let's take a look at the top 5 smartphones of 2012 and 2013.

Top 5 Best Buy Smartphones of 2012

2012 was definitely a year of smartphones. Big smartphone brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia, HTC have unveiled high quality packed devices. So you may have already made your own list of the top 5 smartphones of 2012. Here we are just listing ours below.

samsung galaxy s3Top 1. Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung unveiled the S III on May 3, 2012 in London. More than 20 million units of the S III were sold within the first 100 days of release. The smartphone was launched with Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and can be updated to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

apple iphone 5Top 2. Apple iPhone 5

Apple finally introduced its 2012 flagship phone the iPhone 5 last September 12. Some of its amazing features are 4G LTE connectivity, 4-inch screen display and iOS 6 operating system. It's also equipped with the fast A6 chipset processor, twice as fast and doubles the graphics performance of its predecessor A5.

nokia lumia 920Top 3. Nokia Lumia 920

The latest smartphone from Nokia is packed with 4.5 screen display with 1280x768 pixel resolution, 1.5 GHz dualcore Snapdragon S4 processor. Most of all, the Nokia Lumia 920 is run by Windows Phone 8 that promises great features.

motorola razr mTop 4. Motorola Razr M

Being the smaller successor to the Droid Razr, the Droid Razr M is 4G LTE capable and announced on September 5, 2012. It's equipped with 4.3 inch screen display an powered by 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor.

htc one xTop 5. HTC One X

HTC One X is the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor and made it the fastest HTC phone to date. It features a 4.7 inch, 1280x720 pixel Super LCD 2 display and an 1,800 mAh battery.

Top 5 Smartphones to be Launched in 2013

2012 came to an end and now it's time for 2013. Do you have any smartphone to anticipate in 2013? Here we will discuss those top 5 smartphones to be launched in the year 2013 based on rumors.

Top 1. Samsung Galaxy S4

samsung galaxy s4After successful launching of Galaxy S3, Samsung is ready to hit world with its new flagship device dubbed Samsung Galaxy S4. Many geeks have predicted that it's going to have a wide 5 inch OLED display and will powered by Cortex A15 quad core with 4 memory models options(16/32/64/128GB). It's rumored to be launched at MWC event during February 2013.

iphone 5sTop 2. Apple iPhone 5S

It's reported that Apple may launch iPhone 5 successor named iPhone 5S in the first quarter of 2013. But till now, no reports or leaks about iPhone 5S specifications are available. Let's wait and see. We hope it will change everything, again.

blackberry z10Top 3. BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry finally came back into smartphone boom with releasing its newest BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 running the BlackBerry 10 OS on January 30, 2013. And one thing for sure is that there is going to be a hard battle of BlackBerry 10 with the other top smartphones, like iPhone 5S, Galaxy S4, etc.

nokia lumia 830 zealTop 4. Nokia Lumia 830 Zeal

According to reports till now, Nokia Lumia 830 Zeal is going to be similar to Lumia 920 and 820 with 5 color options, including Yellow, White, Green, Black and Read. It's rumored that the 830 Zeal will run on Windows Phone 8 OS and house a 4.3 inch screen with WVGA display.

htc opear ulTop 5. HTC Opera UL

HTC Opera UL is widely discussed. It's expected to have 1280x720 pixel HD display with major connectivity tools like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Reports said it may come with 1.4 GHz chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor with dual core CPU and Adreno 305 graphics for enhancing graphic experience.

Steps to Convert iTunes DRM Movies to Top Smartphones

If you are just looking for a way to transfer and sync your iTunes DRM movie collection to your smartphones, you should try Tune4mac DRM iTunes to Smartphone Converter. It will help you to remove the DRM protection off the iTunes movie rentals and purchases and convert the M4V movies to video format supported by most smartphones on the market. Here is the tutorial of converting iTunes M4V movies to top smartphones with Tune4mac application.

Install Tune4mac

Download and Launch Tune4mac

Download and install the Tune4mac DRM Remover (direct download). Then launch the allocation.

Add iTunes TV Series to Tune4mac

Add iTunes Videos

Add iTunes DRM protected movie purchases or rentals by clicking the "Add" button. This will bring up a list of movies or TV episodes in iTunes, and then choose anything you like to convert.

Choose output format for your smartphone

Choose Output Format for Smartphone

The program provides different video formats for multiple smartphones, such as iPhone, Android phone, etc.

Choose a Format for “Gossip Girl”

Set Video Parameters

Avoiding losing image quality during the conversion, we could set up the video size and bit rate to keep the quality high.

Start Conversion

Start Converting iTunes M4V to Smartphones

Click the "Convert" button to remove DRM and convert video to compatible format at the same time.

If you are using Windows OS, you may need iTunes to Smartphone Converter for Windows to help you to convert your iTunes DRM movies to your smartphones on Windows.

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