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The Beatles and Their Music Story

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The Beatles and Their Music Story

It's no doubt that The Beatles is the first British invasion band, and they've knocked down the door to the market of US for other British bands. Since then, the music of The Beatles swept the entire world, changed the pop landscape and continues to amaze and enthrall.

Even though, the music of The Beatles could be divided into 4 periods.


one  Naïve Period

  The so-called "naive", is only to the standards of our current appreciation, in face, at the time of that era, the music is very avant-garde.

Please Please Me

Please Please MeIt is their first official album, and the masterpiece of this period. This album has produced many sung songs, like "I Saw Her Standing There", "Please Please Me", "Love Me Do" and "Do You Want to Know a Secret". This album is not purely original, 6 has been covered, the famous one should be "Twist and Shout".

To be honest, the album's music is very good, but now really is a little too sweet and the lyrics have nothing depth, all about you love me or I love you, but cannot deny that the recording's importance and enormous influence. From this album, the rock turned to a new page; a new "golden generation" boarded on the big stage of history.

With The Beatles

With the BeatlesIt is a complete work to meet the market, the music is very casual, unlike the "Please Please Me" as rigorous, and does not have a song like "I Saw Her Standing There" could be sung so far. Two of the album covers that people are familiar with, a fifties rock band Extreme hits "Roll over Beethoven", and a masterpiece of the early Motown "Money (That's What I Want)". In addition, "Don't Bother Me" is the work of George Harrison's first Beatles recording. Moreover, there is another song should be mentioned, "I Wanna Be Your Man", because the song caused the other great band to success -- The Rolling Stones.


rhe second period  Growing Period

  Maybe influenced by Bob Dylan, The Beatles added folk elements into their music, this small change while filling their music is big difference in the lyrics, has made substantial progress, love is no longer the only theme, contents about humanity began to appear.

A Hard Day's Night

A Hard Day's NightIt is the band's movie's soundtrack, but the music is not to be overlooked. In all the Beatles' early recordings, this is my favorite, because this album is chicer and tougher than their previous music. The album produced three classic songs, "A Hard Day's Night", "And I Love Her", "Can not Buy Me Love". The other feature of the album is that, all the songs in the album are original from Beatles.

Beatles for Sale

Beatles for SaleNo matter the title, cover, even the lyrics of this album are all very different from the cheerful and positive style of the previous albums. Due to the tight production schedule, the tour and album recording of the same time, result in the band members are very tired, even high-yield and energetic John and Paul. The high-quality original level of the previous "A Hard Day's Night" is not continued, almost half of songs are covered, although the quality are impeccable.

The year 1964 is the time of The Beatles peak, this year they successfully landed and swept the music charts in the United States, and caused an unprecedented sensation in the major U.S. radio show live and television ratings. After the Beatles, a large number of British bands like the Rolling Stone, Pink Floyd, U2, etc. had been hit the U.S. pop charts. The accepted characteristics of youthful vigor and desire opened up a new world for rock flourish.

In "Beatles For Sale", the first three "No reply", "I'm a Loser" and "Baby's in Black" are John's tragic trilogy, plus "I Do not Want to Spoil the Party" presents alienation and painful topic, John manifested the complete decadent repressed side, which lead to the main theme as dark.


HelpIt is also a soundtrack album. This is a very important album for The Beatles, it represents the band from sentimental gradually become mature, and it is the first real time of entering the field of folk rock. Although album is still very popular, their music has become calm and considered. "Help" and "Ticket to Ride" are memorable classics, "You've Got to Hide Your Love away" is the folk rock song of serious theme. And the "Yesterday", it is called as the most being covered song, hundreds of different versions, from some other aspect, the song is much more famous than the album.


The Third Period  Peak Period

  From this period, The Beatles by an excellent band gradually become great artist; in the meantime, their achievements are beyond grasp.

Rubber Soul

Rubber SoulRubber Soul and the later Revolver are two classic masterpieces of folk rock. The opening song "Drive my car" is very different with previous woks. They completely stripped their relic of old-fashioned swing music, and reduce the syrupy pop feel; the music seems simple and intense. And in "Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)", George Harrison used this ancient Indian musical instruments -- Sitar, this is the first time even in the all rock bands. Then lots of rock bands imitated, the added fresh blood – Sitar – India elements into their rock music. From this aspect, the song may or may not inadvertently foreshadow the coming storm of psychedelic rock. There are other famous songs in the album, such as "In My Life", explore love from another perspective "I'm Looking through You", and George Harrison's first widely sung "If I Needed Someone ".


RevolverRevolver is a link between the past works; it is not only a classic of The Beatles, but also an accurate footnote of that age, namely, the focus of music has transferred from folk rock to psychedelic rock.

"Taxman" and "Love You to" are wonderful works from George Harrison. "Here, There and Everywhere" is an outstanding pop rock song affected by "God Only Knows" (Beach Boys classic songs). While the most famous one "Yellow Submarine", sung by Ringo Starr, the bass of his magnetic interpretation for this song brings out a unique feel of novelty. Inspired by this song, later The Beatles produced an animated film "yellow Submarine".

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club BandThe greatest albums in the history, the first conceptual work, psychedelic rock masterpiece, all those pious phrase are used to describe the album, the of course and only one album, the pinnacle of Beatle in 1967, the absolute psychedelic "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band."

This is a kaleidoscopic album, Beatles for their own virtual new role in a psychedelic world, they brazenly experiment with your own voice, showing audience new music like from the fairy-tale world, and the surrealistic lyrics make the album even more filled and accurate. The song "Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" is very popular, it highlights the instruments playing, especially the prelude part, which is very different from the past playing style of George Harrison. "With a Little Help From My Friends" sung by Ringo, with its beautiful melody, this song was also covered many times. "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" has the characteristics of typical British psychedelic music, that is that, added fairy-tale colors on the basis of U.S psychedelic music. It is also the best song of the album, painted a beautiful picture for us, however, some people found subtext in the song title, if the "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds" become shorthand, then it is LSD (the prevalent hallucinogen of 60s, can be regarded as drug), from this is not difficult to see the band's amazing wisdom and imagination. "When I'm Sixty- Four "is the light popular comedy. "A Day in the Life" is the pioneer one created by Lennon, lyrics depict a desperate suicide story of the people in the car, its tragedy chimed in with the beautiful paradise of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds", forming a sharp contrast, especially joined the pure noise in the song, increased shocking; And the only work of George Harrison from the album "Within You Without You", personally, this is an album finishing touch with India color, you can feel to people sitting in a smoke-filled room, casually playing their own music. The style of this song is far different with others, but the kind of contrast makes the album more appealing.

Magical Mystery Tour

Magical Mystery TourThis one-hour long album launched in 1967, the Boxing Day (British holiday, the day after Christmas), its "self-indulgent" apparently did not praise by the general public. Cannot imagine those busy grandmothers who hung on the Christmas tree balls the first time hear the "I Am The Walrus". This is one of the most incredible albums of The Beatles; while "All You Need Is Love", "Penny Lane" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" is obviously for Americans. This is crazy, but their path.

From the last album, Beatles started doing conceptual music, that is, the contents of the entire album around one theme to start, and form an organism. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is the case, this is also true for the Magical Mystery Tour, and that is the later art rock's prototype. The whole ideas of the two albums are done by Paul, which fully reflects the Planning ability and creative talent. He not only served as the director's role, even more than half of the outstanding songs in the album was from his hand. Obviously this is Paul's creative peak period, at the same time this is the heyday of The Beatles. But behind in all of this, a person's feelings are neglected - John Lennon's. John's rock soul doomed he is the kind of people who pursuit extreme real, he works for Paul led the musical even dismissive. Behind all the bustling the cracks are quietly generated.

Must admit that no matter how John disgusted and reluctant, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magic Mystery Tour are hundred year unparalleled masterpieces. Influenced generation after generation.

In the finished recording Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, Paul did not pause to begin a new planning, he proposed bus trip the Beatles of four sitting scenario made into a short film and song through which its named Magical Mystery Tour. Imagine when John heard it and his expression. But in any case, the recording work began on April 25, 1966. Just four days ago, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band recording just ended, when this album started recording Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band even not yet on sale. The Beatles inspired the exuberant evident.

The Beatles total recorded six songs, in the United Kingdom, the six songs are included in two EP for sale, while in United States, the record company form EP of these six songs plus the same period launched five singles into one album. And it is the one we now see the Magical Mystery Tour. The issued British EP are in a relatively small number, so there is collectible value, worth doubled in recent years, and even have fans to travel long distances to go to Britain to find it.

The Beatles [White Album]

The Beatles [White Album]It can be seen as transitional works by psychedelic rock to late to return to the original, one pair of CD (LP) record. A total of 30 songs, this album is a total length of 93 minutes and 43 seconds. The white album, not any song is superfluous, not any minute is boring, not any musical detail is wrong.

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" one of two works of George Harrison in the album, the classic guitar songs, Eric Clapton helped, song was said inspired by the two words "gently weeps" from some Chinese ideological writing.

"Happiness Is A Warm Gun", it is a warm but full of anger song, the famous independent band Breeders cover this song in their debut album "Pod".

"Blackbird" is a relaxing ballad. Crosby Stills and Nash covered this piece on the epoch-making 1969 Woodstock Festival.

"Why Don't We Do It in the Road?", this is a state of chaos after a similar hippies drugs raving.

"Helter Skelter", maybe the hardest, most confusing, and most crazy work of Beatles, and was inspired by Paul's jealousy, disdain and determination. And this song is also the most controversial works of The Beatles, because it was presented by mass murderer Charles Manson to the court as the reason for his murder.

"R evo luti on 1", Lennon wrote it to represent his resentment attitude for political and anti-government. Aside political significance aside, this is a very good song, showing Lennon deep grounding in music, as if inadvertently humming the songs, but any details are impeccable.

"Revo luti on 9", in terms of music, it is more revolutionary than "Re voluti on 1", songs are collaged by some strange sound, a man constantly talking about the "number 9". Critics have debated, some people think this is the best one of pioneering work, some people think he is just a dispensable, meaningless random works.


The fouth period  Mature Period

   After the hustle and bustle, all was quiet, but the myth is not over yet.

Abbey Road

Abbey RoadIt is no doubt a classic, it can be said to be one of the Beatles' best work. No more heterogeneous decadent in the record, but more traditional music elements, like the British folk songs, blues, soul music, etc. "Oh! Darling" is a song with elements of blues soul music; the heartbreaking singing makes it even better. "Come Together" is said to be the campaign song written especially for a governor, but the election does not use it and was elected to the album. It is a very important song for Lennon, the unique song structure not only attracted fans, also attracted a lot of singers like Tina Turna covering the song; particular attention to two pieces by George Harrison, "Here Comes the Sun" is a grand atmosphere, very impressive; while "Something" is George Harrison's and even Beatles' classic music, full of sentimental pop song in a ballad feelings, countless cover, Rolling Stone magazine evaluated: after the launch of this song, soon to become a standard. And it is worth mentioning that the album first appeared in the works of a Ringo Starr.

Let It Be

Let It BeIn fact, "Let It Be" can be said that as the most underrated album of The Beatles. It has also been high evaluated, but the evaluation is not enough compared to the great music. "Let It Be" is produced before "Abbey Road", but at that time the relationship between the band members have broken down completely, the release of the album temporarily stranded.

Speaking of the album need to talk about his producer - the great Phil Spector. Lennon secretly handed over the tape to Phil Spector, and Phil did not know Paul McCartney's original intention, and put on layers of gorgeous jacket, this is quite different with Paul's back to nature philosophy. Aside the rivalry during producing aside, the album is actually quite wonderful, "Let It Be" tells the world, as long as The Beatles did not dissolve, then they are unassailable. The songs are handy; they are not doing music but playing music. Shuffled around Phil gorgeous production, these songs are basically simple rock (included some traditional English folk song), all artificial elements are wiped out. Paul's first works are outstanding, "Let it be" natural Needless to say, "A Long and Winding Road" is a slightly sad song with piano accompaniment, this is Paul's finest creations, but also the band's last champion single. "Get Back" is unpretentious, showed the spirit of the whole record, that is "return", not only return to the simple and pure rock music, but also the relationship between the band members to crash and burn, but all of this has been impossible. With the release of the album, the band has also ended their 10-year glory.

In about 2003, after 33 years, The Beatles gave us returning surprise, a brand new "Let It Be", with a new name "Let It Be ... Naked". Like the name, the covers for music makeup had been removed, returned to the essence of the songs. The new version changed the order of the songs, "Get Back" on the top, and the end become the pregnant with meaning "Let It Be", this small change made us feel the most real experience of the sadness and helpless. A "Let It Be", the eternal classic Beatles never can gather together, as Lennon's death, people know, the world will never have The Beatles.

When you ready to praise the Beatles, you will feel those kind words are never enough, so I do not fee this fresh, I am only responsible to say, if there is no Beatles there would not have rock and roll as long as 50 years glory.

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