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“Since the birth of the people, entertainment becomes a big business deal, movies and music are the mostly two styles.”

General Review of Mac iTunes Video Converter

Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter is a professional Mac iTunes Video Converter which can convert both purchased and rental iTunes Movies in a high speed and quality. Generally speaking, most Mac iTunes Video Converter can only convert plain or purchased DRM movies, however Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter can convert rental movies and make you store rental iTunes movie forever become possible.

Brief Introduction of Main Capability: Mac iTunes Video Converterimage of powful

. Remove DRM Capability: Not only can remove DRM of purchased iTunes   movies but also can remove rental iTunes Movies.

. Conversion Capability: Convert iTunes movies to MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV,   3GP, 3GP2, SWF, MPG

. Support Capability: Support Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV,   Gphone, Sony PSP,Sony PS3, Sony Walkman, Microsoft Zune, Cteative   Zen, iRiver, Sandisk Sansa, Blackberry Smartphones, HTC Phones,   Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP TouchPad

. Compatible Capability: Compatible with Mac 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow   Leopard and 10.7 Lion.

. Other Capability: Support batch Conversion, support customize   function.

How to use Mac iTunes Video Converter


Step 1 Download and install Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter
Note: The latest version is 2.4.0, ne version is estimated to publish on May

Step 2 Set output format and output path for your imported Video from "Profile" and "Output" respectively
Note: If you don't register, you just can convert 3munites iTunes Video.

Step 3 Press "Add" button to add iTunes Video to Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter

Step 4 Press "Convert" button to begin conversion.

Follow up above steps, you will find Tune4Mac iTunes Video Converter remove DRM from iTunes M4V movies easily very much, which is a best DRM removal tool and Video Converter

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