Tune4mac iTunes Audio Converter: remove DRM from purchased .aa to mp3 on Mac OS X.

How to Convert Audible AA to MP3

Audible Audiobook

Audiobooks from iTunes and audible.com are in .aa format, and DRM protected. Then is it possible to play your audiobook in MP3 player and mobile phone? Here is an article about how to convert audible AA files from iTunes and audible.com to .mp3.


Things We'll Need:

To convert DRM-protected AA files to .mp3, we need some third-party software. Tune4mac iTunes Audio Converter is the choice; it is a powerful Mac audiobook converter, which could convert any DRM-laden or non-DRM-protected .aa, .m4b audiobooks from iTunes and Amazon to .mp3, .wav, and .aac. And this is exactly what we want.

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Step-by-step Tutorial:

Add Audiobooks into iTunes Library

Add audiobooks to iTunes Library

The iTunes Audio Converter detects audiobooks in iTunes, so we need first add files to iTunes. Launching iTunes, then click File -> Add To Library to import the files you prefer into library.

Choose MP3 format for AA Files

Choose MP3 format for your audiobook

Launching the audiobook converter with iTunes closed (you'll be prompted to relaunch iTunes if you don't). Then click Tune4mac iTunes Audio Converter on the menu bar -> Preferences. It will popup a window, under the "Advanced" tab, you can set formats.

You can choose any one of Same as source, For spoken word, For streaming music and Custom to set the output file format, they all set MP3 as their default format, but you can click Custom customize the Format, Bitrates etc.

Add AA Audiobooks to iTunes Audio Converter

Add AA files to the program

Click "Add" button in the top left corner of the application. This will bring up a list of audiobook in iTunes and you can choose anything you like.

Convert .aa files into .mp3

Start conversion

After formats being chose, videos being added, we can start the conversion now. Click the "Convert" button to remove DRM protection and encode .aa to .mp3 in the same time.



If you noticed, on its simple interface, there is a "Split" button. It is used to split a big audiobook file to several small pieces.

Split audio file

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