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Multifunctional Virtual CD Burner for Mac

Tune4Mac M4P Converter is a kind of M4P to MP3, M4P to AAC, M4P to WAV DRM removal, which may also call multifunctional Virtual CD Burner. It can remove DRM protection from iTunes M4P Music and Audio easily. With the introduction of this special Virtual CD Burner technology, Tune4Mac M4P Converter is distinguished from other M4P converters. It also accomplished Virtual CD Burner's Multifunctionalization. Tune4Mac M4P Converter not only can remove DRM from iTunes M4P music and convert it to MP3, M4A, WAV, but also can burn and clip M4P music to a Virtual CD Burner.

An Unique Virtual CD Burner for Mac

With the same as the Physical CD, Virtual CD burner can normally run on the Mac OS. It can emulate the whole workflow for ripping, burning, encoding DRM music to plaine music. You don't need to insert a physical CD on your Mac, you also don't need to considerate the problem of 20 pieces of music limitation on CD. With the Virtual CD Burner technology, Tune4Mac M4P Converter can burn DRM music to virtual CD burner faster than a physical CD on Mac.

Workflow of Virtual CD Burner

1. Open Tune4Mac M4P Converter. After install it on your Mac, you can find on a virtual CD burner named "Tune4Mac Virtual CD-RW " generated on your iTunes.

2. Open iTunes, add a new playlist on it, this playlist will used for added M4P music which you want to burning/clipping.

3. Select M4P music from your iTunes Library to new playlist.

4. Right click your new playlist, and then select Burn Playlist to Disc. A Burning setting will pop-up.

5. Select "Tune4Mac Virtual CD-RW" as CD Burner. Click "Burn". You will find Tune4Mac M4P Converter begin to burn M4P Music.

6. After finishing burning, you will find a new folder appeared on your desktop. Your burning music store in it.

Read detail image tutor of this workflow

Additional Important Function of Tune4Mac M4P Converter

Apart from the main function as Virtual CD Burner, there are more additional functions worth to say. Tune4Mac M4P Converter can convert iTunes DRM music to many devices such as Apple iPod, iPhone, PSP, BlackBerry, HTC Phones, MP3 player, MP4 player, etc. It also supports bulk conversion. You can batch convert iTunes DRM protected music and audio files to plain MP3, AAC, WAV.


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