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85th Oscar Awards Nominees, Winners, 84th Oscar Winners [Update]

final nominees of the 85th oscar awards

The 85th Academy Awards Nominees 2013

You can find the final nominees of the 85th Academy Awards in this article. And also the tips to remove the DRM protection from the nominees movies on iTunes.

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Predict winners of 85th Oscar

Oscar Preferences and Predictions for 85th

As the nominations for 85th Academy Awards released, predication is the other heat topic. This article analyzed its preferences, and made forecasts for the winners.

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84th academy awards winners

Full List of 85th Oscar Awards Winners

Here is a complete list of every winners of the 85th Academy Awards. And also pasted link to watch the movies and methods to get the movies being downloaded.

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84th academy awards winners

84th Oscar Awards Winners and How to Convert

This article mentioned some of the winners of the previous 84th Oscar Awards and the detailed tutorial of converting them from iTunes Store.

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10 hollywood movies Oscar missed 2012

10 Hollywood Movies Oscar Missed 2012

Oscar is authoritative, but it is not comprehensive and covered all good movies. Here is a list of 10 excellent Hollywood movies that Oscar has missed in 2012.

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