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Play Spotify Music on TomTom Spark 3

How to Play Spotify Music on TomTom Spark 3

'I just bought my new TomTom Spark 3 but my Spotify was not allowed to be sync with my watch I was devastated. Is it possible to link the watch to Spotify?'

Technically speaking, you are not allowed to play Spotify tracks on your TomTom Spark. Premium users can stream music from Spotify for offline playing within Spotify client. But they don't own the offline downloaded songs, just the right to listen. Why? That's because Spotify is a music streaming service and the tracks are all DRM protected. TomTom Spark does not support files with DRM of any type.

Spotify Music on TomTom Spark 3

Easy way to transfer Spotify music to TomTom Spark 3

So it is impossible to enjoy Spotify music on your TomTom watch? There is a simple solution to solve it here. Just go to try Tune4Mac Spotify Audio Converter Platinum. It is a DRM removal tool as well as a Spotify Converter, which can help you to remove DRM from any Spotify songs and convert them to unprotected files. Thus you can upload those converted Spotify files to TomTom spark 3 easily.

Here we would like to share tips and tricks on how to transfer music from Spotify to TomTom Spark 3 for playback.

Steps to Convert Spotify Music to TomTom Spark 3

Before we started, download the newest version of the Spotify converter on your computer. It can work on both Mac and Windows. Install and launch the program, Spotify will start automatically at the same time.

interface of Spotify Audio Converter

Download Spotify Audio Converter for Mac Download Spotify Audio Converter for Windows

Step 1. Add Spotify music or playlists to the program.

Launch the program, click + button in the top left of the interface, then a window will pop up and prompt you to copy and paste the playlist link from Spotify. You can also simply drag and drop the song or playlist to the pop-up window.

Add Spotify music or playlists

Step 2. Set MP3 or AAC as Output Format.

TomTom Spark 3 can play the MP3 and Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) files. In this step, you can click the settings icon on the upper right corner of the screen to set MP3 or AAC as output format.

set MP3 or AAC as output format

Step 3. Start the conversion.

Click Convert button to start Spotify to MP3 conversion. After conversion, you can find the converted Spotify music in history folder.

start Spotify music to MP3 conversion

Step 4. Upload converted Spotify Music files to TomTom Spark 3.

You can upload complete playlists of music from iTunes and Windows Media Player from your computer to your watch. It doesn't support adding the individual songs yet. At first, we should add the converted Spotify music to Windows Media Player or import Spotify iTunes library. To add Spotify music playlists to your TomTom Spark 3, follow these steps:

1. Connect your TomTom music watch to your computer.

2. In TomTom Sports Connect, click the MUSIC icon.

3. Hover over a playlist and click the + to copy the playlist to your watch.

Now you can play Spotify music or playlist on TomTom Spark 3 as you like.

Review: With a built-in heart-rate monitor and storage for music, TomTom Spark 3 is a top fitness watch pick. It enables you to play up to 3GB of music without a smartphone connected, TomTom also includes a pair of Bluetooth headphones. Besides, with the Spark 3 you can set off on a run and the watch will track the route onscreen for you.

Note: The trial version of NoteCable Spotify Converter has 3-minute conversion limit, and users can convert 3 songs at a time. You can unlock the time limitation by purchasing the full version at $14.95.

Spotify Audio Converter for Mac

Spotify Audio Converter for Windows

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