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The difference between side-by-side 3D and anaglyph 3D

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The Difference between Side-by-Side 3D and Anaglyph 3D

3DHave you ever been in such a situation: put a finger in front of our face, and move closer, what we see has become fuzzy and spaced apart as it getting closer. That's quite like 3D, a stereoscopic picture where the left and right eye images are superimposed, our brain fuses double images in real life into one.

As 3D getting increasingly popular, of course once the 3D files created, we would like to watch them on computers, online, and TV. That's what Any Video Converter Ultimate could help to. However, the two format side-by-side 3D and Anaglyph 3D mentioned in profile may confuse to users. The article is about the difference between them.

Side-by-side or left and right 3D, consisting of two halves of the left and right, with the entire frame for the left eye scaled down horizontally to fit the left-half of the frame, and the entire frame for the right eye scaled down horizontally to fit the right side of the frame. Thus, in the case of 720p content (resolution of 1280 x 720), each frame will actually consist of the horizontally scaled frame for the left eye with a resolution of 640 x 720 and adjacent to it, the corresponding frame for the right eye at the same 640×720 resolution. The quality of picture is much higher than Anaglyph. However, to watch the active 3D televisions need the active shutter glasses, then the left and right images flash so quickly so that the human eye is tricked into seeing both left and right images as one 3D image.

Side-by-side 3D

Anaglyph 3D, commonly seen in Red/Cyan, is the old school way to watch 3D content. The left video image is tinted blue and the right video image is tinted red. Both videos are then overlaid on top of each other and when you are wearing ored/blue glasses the image will appear 3D. The picture is always not that good, but it's really costless to watch Red/Cyan Anaglyph 3D, stereoscopic glasses are common and cheap, even often coming free with magazines showing 3D. Moreover, we can view 3D files in anaglyph formats using red/blue glasses on computers, televisions, online at video 3D sharing sites like YouTube, projectors, mobile phones and in print.

Anaglyph Red/Cyan 3D


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